Update in Fullpack v4.7.8 and New Simple HUD v4.6.4

12 February 2021

  • Added new stats to the "AGG" popup: Raise vs Cbet Size and Wsd Raise vs Cbet Size;
  • Added the opponent's postflop action line: B / C / X / R *if necessary, you can go to the HUD editor and delete this action panel.
  • Added popups to Steal/Resteal positions for PokerStars HUD; *attached to Steal / Fold Steal stats.
  • Added a new version of HU-HUD with tabs (PokerStars HUD) Example;
  • Added postflop popup with stats 80bb+  (GT_HOME-ADAPTIVE-POPUP);
  • Fixed a bug with showing the stat Cbet/Fold-Flop in 3bet pot (PokerStars HUD);
  • Fixed a bug with showing the stat Raise-Flop in MWP (SQZ POT) in the popup C3BP 200> 5k;
  • Fixed bug in stats Check/Raise, WSD Check/Raise (Popup AGG)

Download and setup fullpack_v4.7.8 / new_simple_v4.6.4 into the program folder:C:\Program Files\Hand2Note

After installation, you must rebuild the statistics:
Clear > Build stats