Update in Shaolin HUD v1.9.2
  • Fixed minor bugs related to display rules;
  • Changed abbreviations for textures in the versions FULL HUDs;
  • Changed the display rules for the situation: Squeeze, Open4bet, Coldcall3bet;
Update in Shaolin HUD v1.8.6
  • Changed the display settings of stats for Hero on Straddle; *the stats used to be displayed at all times when Hero was on straddle, now it happens only when necessary
  • Added a new dynamic HUD with...
Update in mtt-sng pack v2.3.6
  • Corrected the error that occurred while using packages for CASH and MTT at the same time.
Update in new simple hud v4.5.8

Fixed a bug with a WTSD stat;

Update in dynamic hud v4.7.1

Some users have problems with statistics after building it.

Update in spinfire hud v1.6.4
  • Added mini pop-ups for postflop stat (3max);
  • Added a new profile GT_SPINFIRE ADV 2-3max (one level of advanced statistics).