In which rooms does the dynamic HUD work?
Currently, dynamic/positional HUD works in almost all poker rooms supported by Hand2Note. The only exceptions are PokerStars (PokerStars Restrictions) and poker rooms, which are supported using additional software.
What additional software is required for the work of the Dynamic HUD?

In the latest versions of Hand2Note, dynamic and positional HUD works without additional software.

Does positional HUD work without the third-party software?
Yes, Hand2Note can calculate positions and stacks of players in the next hand based on the history of the last hand at the table. However, sometimes it happens that a player went to sit-out between the current and the next hand. In this case, the positions will not be calculated precisely.
What happens if HandHistory from a higher limit than the subscription is imported into the database?

In this case, stats will not be built. To avoid this error, you need to go to Configuration (F12) → Game Types and specify the big blind according to your subscription for the software and the HUD.

How to rebuild stats?

In the main program window, click on Clear → Build Stats and wait for it to be done.

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