Is it possible to use a paid HUD with a trial version of Hand2Note?

To activate HUD, you need a licensed version of the program!

This procedure is performed once, in the future you do not need to renew the subscription to the program if you play low limits to nl25 or mtt to - $ 9. The main thing is that the license key has been installed in the program.
How to activate Hand2Note subscription?

In the main program window, go to Configuration (F12) → Other options → License and insert the key into the window, then press ‘Register’ and agree to re-launch the program.


What rooms does the HUD support?

The HUD works in the rooms supported by Hand2Note. Currently, the program supports approximately 50 rooms. Most little-known rooms work if PlanetConverter is used simultaneously.

When switching to a new limit, do I only need to pay for the difference?
That’s right, only the difference is paid for when you transfer to a new limit.
I bought New Simple HUD but decided to update to Dynamic HUD now, do I need to buy it again or just pay for the difference?
Within the packs ADAPTIVE / NEW SIMPLE / DYNAMIC, only the difference is paid for. When transferring from other packs, the full price has to be paid.
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