SHAOLIN HUD is a dynamic HUD compiled with regard to the peculiarities of playing in Asian rooms: PokerBros, PokerKing, PPPoker, HHPoker, Upoker, Wepoker, COP, PokerTime, RedDragon, Dpzx.

The new HUD format allows to display only relevant statistics for every player at the table depending on the situation in the current hand and pre-set conditions, such as players’ positions, the number of players and hands on each player, the colour mark and actions in the hand. Dynamic and Positional HUDs are included into the compilation for playing on 3-9max tables and heads up.

Asian rooms are only available for playing from mobile phones and tablets on the base of iOS and Android. However, there’s an opportunity to install Android-emulator and play from a desktop PC.

Features Asian rooms
  • Players don’t use tracking programs and HUDs;
  • The game uses Chinese Yuan (CNY);
  • The minimal limit is NL 400¥ (1$ = 6.6¥);
  • The maximum limit is NL 60,000¥ with ante and deep stacks;
  • Available from playing in all countries;
  • No rake.
Features Shaolin HUD
  • HUD support for all poker rooms supporting Hand2Note;
  • Support for all types of tables from heads-up to 9-max (NL);
  • Displaying statistics into the HUD according to positions;
  • Dynamic display of preflop and Postflop stats;
  • Different HUDs depending on the number of hands;
  • Advanced preflop / Postflop statistics with increasing hands on the opponent;
  • Additional automatic information on every stat;
  • Convenient and compact popups + popups designed for Straddle play;
  • Clear representation and understanding of opponents’ playing due to detailed statistics;
  • Possibility to analyse own game and opponent on all gaming lines.
  • Access to Installation and presetting manual

Precise indicators

Use precise statistical indicators with the increasing number of hands for opponents.

HUD with general indicators is displayed for opponents with up to 500 hands, which is convenient when the player has little history. After 500 hands, HUD automatically changes to another where statistics involves players’ positions which allows to show more accurate statistics in certain game situations.

HUD structure

Convenient organization of statistics in this HUD will allow you to focus quickly on necessary stats.


Informational panel


Info panel contains the relevant stats that allow to make a quick evaluated decision at preflop without opening pop-ups.

*The contents of stats in info panels can be edited or deleted.

Rid yourself of popups and enjoy the game with dynamic preflop stats.

Automatic display of the necessary preflop stats will save your time significantly when making the right decision. Hidden preflop stats are only displayed if necessary.

шаолинь и динамик диаграммы.png
Preflop / Postflop diagrams

When hovering over any stat at preflop or Postflop, additional info can be viewed.

Double specters of call and raise in one diagram make it possible to get a better idea about the way the player mixes their ranges. Evaluate the game line by taking a look at a Postflop diagram with a percentage distribution of the hand power.

Board textures

Evaluate opponent's reaction on different board textures.

Skillful allocation of boards into 9 different textures will help you to compare the game of usual Postflop stats with the stats depending on the board texture.

Informative popups

There’s always a possibility to use the popups you’re used to.

Informative popups with a unique structure of statistics organization will ensure the best gaming conditions for you against the opponents of different levels. A large number of preflop and postflop popups is compiled in our collection.

Popup Aggression + BetWin/BetFold
Popup preflop Before
Popup preflop After
Popup preflop PF on straddle
Popup preflop CC on straddle
Popup Before to 200hands
Popup After to 200hands
Popup PFR from 200hands
Popup Caller from 200hands
Popup Call3bet Pot from 200hands
Popup 3bet Pot from 200hands
Popup PFR SB vs BB
Popup Call3bet SB vs BB
Popup MWP
Popup Limp Pot
Purchase on limits
3 month
12 month
Choice: Unlimited - $20
HUD - 11pcs.
Popups - 43pcs.
Stats - 2871pcs.
ExpressionStats - 210pcs.
[GT_POKERMASTER DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [full-version_three-levels_FULL-abbreviations]
[GT_POKERMASTER DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [full-version_three-levels_SMALL-abbreviations]
[GT_SHAOLIN DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [full-version_three-levels_FULL-abbreviations]_v1
[GT_SHAOLIN DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [full-version_three-levels_FULL-abbreviations]_v2
[GT_SHAOLIN DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [full-version_three-levels_SMALL-abbreviations]_v1
[GT_SHAOLIN DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [full-version_three-levels_SMALL-abbreviations]_v2
[GT_SHAOLIN DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [lite-version_three-levels]_v1
[GT_SHAOLIN DYNAMIC-HUD 3-9max [lite-version_three-levels]_v2
[GT_SHAOLIN HUD 3-9max [easy]
[GT_SHAOLIN-HUD [positional_hu-cash]
[GT_SHAOLIN-HUD [easy_hu-cash]
3 September 2019
playing 3 years
This hud is just perfect like all your work ... just out of competition. Thank you
How much I didn’t try to get used to 3 other huds ... Something needs to be finished everywhere, adjusted. Turned on the GT-HUD  and immediately everything is as it should!
9 July 2018
playing less than a year
thx. ps great hud!
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